Local Directory Listing

Local Directory Listings Services

Have you ever done an online search for your own business?

What did you see?

Is the information that appears accurate and up-to-date?

Most importantly, is your business listed near the top of the various local directory listings for your industry?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then you have a little work to do when it comes to establishing a stronger, more powerful online presence.

What is a Local Listing Directory?

A local directory is an online site created by various search engine providers – as well as other sources – as means of giving businesses a marketing avenue to connect with local consumers in specific geographic areas.

These directories provide pertinent information about your business such as your contact information, website link, product and service information, hours of operations, videos, and other details.

Some of the most popular local directory listing sites include Google My Business, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp, SuperPages, and many others.

Why Local Listings?

Consumers today use the Internet as the primary way of searching for the products, services and businesses they want. Most of us flock to our favorite search engine, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and type some keywords related to what we’re looking for.

Each of these search engines has its own local directory algorithm that determines which businesses within your niche and geographic area will appear at the top of the list when prospective customers conduct a search.

The companies that show up first will capture the majority of those leads.
Due to the massive popularity of mobile internet usage, an estimated 90% of people who conduct online searches do so from their smart phones, tablets and other devices.

Even more importantly, many of these mobile searchers are ready to take immediate action – some making a purchase from a business they found that same day.

By claiming and updating your local listings on sites such as Google My Business, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Yelp, and you put your business one step closer to being connected with hot leads.

With numerous local listings that are claimed, verified, and optimized, you can expect:

  • – Higher rankings in the search results
  • – More citations to contribute to your SEO
  • – Better connection with both desktop AND mobile users
  • – A stronger online reputation by way of customer reviews
  • – Consistent and accurate information about your business across the board
  • – Connection with more leads as they are actively searching for your type of product or service

What We Do

We help you increase leads by capturing the majority of web users looking for businesses like yours in your specific geographic area.

Our expert team of SEO marketers will collect your relevant information – including images, photos, keywords, phone numbers, street addresses, hours of operation, and so forth – and then standardize this among all online platforms.

We will then optimize your business for local search success by integrating this information with the most popular keywords for your business’s niche.

Our listing services include:

  • – Google My Business, Bing Local, Yahoo Local and other local search engines
  • – Online directories such as Yelp!, Angie’s List, Foursquare and others
  • – Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others
  • … and much more

Ready to Get Started?

Our goal is to help you connect with ready-to-buy local consumers who can’t find your business.

It’s time to take a major step towards improving your online visibility as well as boosting your bottom line…

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