How to create a nurturing e-mail sequence

The starting point for building a quality e-mail list is to provide your audience being your prospects, potential clients and clients with something of vale.

The item of value is known as a lead magnet. This can be a checklist, ebook, white paper or catalogue.

It needs to be something of value that a user will provide you with there e-mail address in order to get the item of value.

When a user downloads the lead magnet it triggers an e-mail sequence.

The e-mail sequence is not to hard sell, but rather to provide items of value.

I have found by grouping e-mails in groups of 4 e-mails

Mail 1: Nurture
Mail 2: Nurture
Mail 3: Nurture
Mail 4: hard Sell

Start cycle again

Mail 5: Nurture
Mail 6: Nurture
Mail 7: Nurture
Mail 8: hard Sell


Mail 1: Nurture – provide the link to the pdf eg here is the link to download your guide
Mail 2: Nurture – write your story or company background to start building a relationship
Mail 3: Nurture – thank you for downloading the pdf, would you like to join our facebook group/page
Mail 4: hard Sell – Just checking if you downloaded the pdf, would you like to set up a call / meeting to discuss how we could assist you.